This tool will allow you to view your hidden Avakin Life Statistics!

Ever wondered how many users have you blocked, or even how much money you've spent/earned on Avakin Life? Look no further.

We have developed an tool that allows you to extract tons of hidden statistics from your account. However, in order to do that you'll need to authorize your self up to Avakin Life's servers for security reasons.

Just login here: to view your statistics. It'll tell you how many items you bought, coin packs, tapjoy offers and how much you earned for the tapjoy. You can also see how many people you've gifted, and how many people has you blocked!

If you signed up with Facebook, Apple or Google Play - you would need to add an password and email to your account through settings.

New feature: You can now create your very own custom url to your profile if you login to our website. Example URL:

Full list of statistics available:

  • Your very own Profile Link.
  • How many users that have you blocked.
  • Your current profile views.
  • Average income per tapjoy offer.
  • Total coins that you've spent.
  • Total gems that you've spent.
  • Total amount of gifted items.
  • Total amount of coins you've spent on gifts.
  • Total amount of gifts you've accepted.
  • Total amount of coin packs bought.
  • Total amount of Apartment Visitors.
  • Total amount of Tapjoy Uses.
  • Total amount of Tapjoy Coins Earned.
  • Total messages sent.
  • Total messages received.