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  1. Introduction

  2. They always stare at the walls smh :|


  3. New petkin

    Então você sugeriu isso para o LKWD. Este site não tem LKWDS aqui. Este é um fórum não oficial de fóruns de fãs. Se você gostaria de sugerir algo ao LKWD Lockwood, vá para os fóruns originais da vida de avakin
  4. New petkin

    As I understand you want to basically get free stuff But what you want to say is that it would be cool to receive a gift when joining here as a member, it would lure more members in. Which is for starters a bad idea as no one shares their username (including yourself). Also would have been nice to know more about you. Welcome to the forums
  5. Relaxing on the new ghost ship!



  6. What's your Avakin Username?

    Indeed! http://avkn.life/p814
  7. Making the best of today so that yesterday can be jealous B|

  8. Hey! {Introduction}

    Hey Avakins! My name is Albert John, AJ for short, and I have fallen in love with Avakin Life! This is due bc of my hacked ps4 console On my spare time this is definitely the game I'll be playing! I've already spent over 1 000 ZAR on Avakin, crazy? Not at all! Worth every penny. I like meeting new people and socialising. Something else? (more personal) I'm an a amazing swimmer (more professional but not world-wide) and I definitely enjoy learning about java scripting Goals? Of course I'd like to represent the Avakin Life family! I think I can definitely be the one and I would like to be a programmer How can I view your profile? http://avkn.life/p814 Thanks for reading! And definitely thanks to James for this website! Don't hesitate to ask anything Enjoy your day!
  9. My introduction

    I'm enlightened by your introduction
  10. How to earn XP & Coins

    Don't forget to dive into the waters! Another 15xp in your pocket Also keep in mind to collect the last 2 gems at the same very second to earn 40 xp, a small xp glitch. Also when feeding your pet (version 1.15.6) spam it so that you can get up to 100 xp! Hope this helped! Enjoy!