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  1. avakin blaCK SCREEN

    If anyone are willing, add me here: https://www.facebook.com/jameava19 Then install https://www.supremocontrol.com/ (Personal / Free) version. That will allow me to control your computer, once this is done message me on facebook after adding me - then we can chat there. I'll be able to remotely control your computer and perhaps fix the problem. Once we found a fix, I'll make a new topic on how to fix it so everyone else can enjoy Avakin again.
  2. Introduction

  3. New petkin

    Welcome - This is the unofficial forums, we are not able to give you anything for joining sadly lol
  4. Hello everyone. I've noticed there is a lot of people getting black screen on the FaceBook Gameroom after a recent bug with it. Here are some things you can try: Reinstall FaceBook Gameroom - no you won't lose any progress. Uninstall Avakin Life, from FaceBook Gameroom - no you won't lose any progress. Manually remove Avakin Life game data from your computer... See steps below. If you tried the first two ways of fixing it, and it didn't work.. You can do the following steps: Open up this location on your computer C:\Users\Public\Facebook Games\ You can do it by pressing CTRL+R then pasting that into the run prompt. Then hit enter! Remove the folder 143654835671740 completely. Now after removing that folder. You'll need to sign out of Facebook Gameroom. Do this by clicking the name on Facebook Gameroom and click "Log Out". Now you have to uninstall FaceBook Gameroom COMPLETELY. You can do that by opening up control panel, then select "Uninstall a program/software". Here you find Facebook Gameroom/Gameroom and hit uninstall. Now you can reinstall facebook gameroom, login, and install Avakin Life from here https://www.facebook.com/gameroom/download/ If the following steps does not work, or you need assist - let me know (:
  5. What's your Avakin Username?

    Hello guys. Figured it would be cool if we could add each other up etc (: What's your username? Post it below! If it has special characters it might be an issue for people to find you. You can follow this tutorial to make an link for your profile:
  6. Hey! {Introduction}

    Finally an proper introduction - Welcome!
  7. This tutorial will show you how to create an shareable link for your very own Avakin Profile. Head over to our website https://avkn.life/submit Enter your Avakin Username, case sensitive. Find your profile after searching for it, and Inspect it. Click "Generate Profile Link" if there are none already, then copy "Profile URL" link. This is the link that you can provide anywhere, on your Instagram bio - or whever! When people click this link, it'll open up your Avakin Life Profile - even if you change your username.
  8. Hello avakins

    Welcome to the forum bruther!
  9. hi

    Welcome. Thanks for putting so much effort into your introduction.
  10. There are three ways you can earn AvaCoins on Avakin Life Tapjoy - This is the most common method amongst all users. 23rd Street Cafe - You can work for AvaBucks and exchange them into AvaCoins. Rank up - Every time you rank up, you'll earn some coins. To earn XP there are some ways for that also Purchase items, the more expensive - the more XP. Collect gems at all your apartments daily. Daily Challenges, such as socializing with other users. If there is anything I miss here, please let me know and I'll edit
  11. My introduction

    Hello everyone, since nobody else have posted in this section yet - I'll be the first one to post an introduction here. My name is James, and I am from Norway. I'm 20 years old, web developer and security entusiast. I started playing Avakin 5 months ago.. I tried out Avakin when it was fairly new in 2014-2015 but I ended up not liking it because it was not available for PC. Right now it's available for FaceBook Gameroom, so that's why I am playing it now I've helped Avakin/Lockwood out on both PlayStation Home & for Avakin Life with security issues that they've had in the game. I've also been credited for this on Avakin Life, under the name "Octolus". If you have any questions, let me know!
  12. The Sunset Yacht

    What do you guys think about it? Is it worth the money? If you want to check it out, you can do that by going here https://reapersociety.com/public then click "Enter Space" on an mobile device.
  13. Welcome to AvknLife!

    Welcome to AvknLife. This is an unofficial fan forum dedicated to Avakin Life. Why us, and not the official forums? Works better on mobile/tablets. More modern choice of forum software. We are unofficial, so there are no official rules here. You can create your own clubs, and upload images to our gallery. You can customize your profiles, with stuff such as headers. Now, the main problem we have in the beginning is getting members; It's going to be difficult. So if you have some friends, invite them all please - it is greatly appreciated.